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Sunset at Villa O'Higgins

Sunset in Villa O'Higgins.


For more information please contact or call:


- Phones: 56-2-23 34 15 03 / 56-2-23 34 15 04
- Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Villa O’Higgins:
- Oficina: Tel 56 – 67 – 243 18 11
- Lodge : Tel 56 – 67 – 243 19 09
- Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.<


1. Banks and ATM machines: The Chilean town of Cochrane is the closest place to find banks and ATM machines which operates only with some international cards. VillaO´Higgins does NOT offer ATM machines.

2. Caja Vecina: This is an innovative bank system that allows people to make withdraws, deposits, transfers between Banco Estado accounts, pay bills and credit card services that are easy, quick and secure to use. This service uses a debit card from Banco Estado or a Cuenta RUT card. For more information see www.bancoestado.cl

3. Credit card payments: You can pay the services of our company with your credit card. We are the only ones who have this means of payment in Villa O’Higgins.

4. Comunication access:
- The Lodge has free wireless internet service for our guest.
- Only exists cell phone service (mobile) from ENTEL telephone company.
- Public telephones are available. Also in our Lodge only for guests.

5. Supermarkets: Villa offers some supermarkets but supply products are limited. We suggest you get your supplies from Cochrane.

6. First Aid: The Villa offers a local medical service for primary care only. Any further medical need should be referred to Cochrane or Coyaique. In case of extreme emergency you can request a transfer to Coyhaique via airway. Do not forget to bring your medicines for the entire stay.

7. Barge Schedule-Mitchell Fiord: see section Itineraries Ship, Bus and Ferry or visit www.barcazafiordomitchell.cl

8. Immigration Process: The people who would like to travel to Argentina should not forgetr.
- ID card (if Chilean) or passport (for other nationalities).
- Family Book if you travel with children (Chilean).
- Attorney permit (notary) if one of the parents is not travelling with children.

9. Terrestrial and Air Transportation: Aerocord Co. offers air transportation. For more information on www.aerocord.cl. Bus service from villa O'higgins to Cochrane available Monday & Fryday, from Cochrane to Villa O'Higgins Sunday and Thursday. Contact Buses Katalina Phone +56 - 9 - 84 29 89 70

10. Recommended Clothing: In the zone the climatic conditions are variable.
- Warm cloths and waterproof clothing for the Patagonian climate cannot be forgotten. If you are going camping or want to participate in other activities it is necessary to bring with you elements for orientation, first aid kit, and camping equipment.
- The following list is a suggestion for excursions in the area:

How to dress: The secret in Patagonia is to dress in layers to obtain the maximum comfort with minimum weight. It is important to use wind resistant clothing that can dry quickly, for this reason; we do not recommend cotton clothing. If you are planning to buy a new pair of shoes, make sure you use them prior to the trip to be comfortable. Always bring a prompt treatment for blisters (moleskin, second skin, etc).

For Trekking: Waterproof hiking shoes (used prior the trip if new), jackets and waterproof pants (Ex. Gore-Tex), thermal t-shirts (Ex. Capilene), polar jacket wind resistant, hat with earmuffs, thermal gloves and socks, shorts, polar neck, sleeping bag for temperatures -10 Celsius (with sleeping bag compressor), 90 liters bag pack, day pack (to transport personal belongings such as camera, water bottle, and extra clothing), sandals, towel, flashlight, sun glasses for protection, UV sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) for face and lips, mosquitoes repellent, hat, trekking poles (optional).

11. Police (Carabineros): At Villa O’Higgins there is a Police Station, Phone 56 – 67 – 256 71 89


Bank Transfers


On line booking payments in chilean pesos or US dollars.


Villa O'Higgins and Alta Vista path

Villa O'Higgins from Alta Vista path.


If you have any questions or need help please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Tel 56-67-243 18 11 - Agency Villa O'Higgins




A.- Bank transfer procedure for next services: The "Great Glacier" navigation, Transfer to Hito (border) from Candelario Mancilla in Chile, Boat at Lago del Desierto in Argentina and Transfer to El Chalten in Argentina. (Services booked by Hielo Sur SA)

To: Hielo Sur S.A. 
RUT : 96.992.650-4
Bank : BCI
Account number : 10551727


B.- Bank transfer procedure for navigation between Villa O'Higgins and Candelario Mancilla (Services that DOES NOT INCLUDE glacier visit). (Services booked by Transportes Glaciar Chico Ltda.)

To: Transportes Glaciar Chico Ltda.
RUT : 76.215.470-6
Bank : BCI
Account number : 81551312


A.- Bank transfer in Chilean pesos (Residents):

To: Hielo Sur S.A. 
RUT : 96.992.650-4
Bank : BCI
Account number CH$ : 10551727

B.- Bank transfer in US dolars.(Non residents):

To: Hielo Sur S.A. 
RUT : 96.992.650-4
Bank : BCI
Account number US$ : 11111780


NOTE: Payments may be done with credit or debit card.


Warning: Schedules and frequencies can be affected by adverse weather conditions or force majeure. Should confirm departure times 12 hours before at the local office of Robinson Crusoe in Villa O'Higgins, telephone 56 - 67-243 18 11 The Service do not consider the reimbursement of any additional expenses due to suspended or delayed departures, and will be assumed by each passenger.

Robinson Crusoe